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A Successful Woman Shouldn’t Turn A Man Off – Toolz

Toolz and her son

Toolz and her son

Popular Beat FM OAP, Toolz has come out to say that men who feel threatened by a woman’s success are primitive.

She recently had her say via her social media page, and Nigerians have been reacting.

According to her, the right partner should not feel threatened by a woman’s success, and he should instead celebrate her fully for achieving a lot.

Toolz added that women being successful should not be seen as a disrespect to any man.

Her words, “I personally think that men who are turned off by high earning/successful women give off little d energy…but what do I know?”

“The right partner should celebrate you fully and not feel like you being successful is going to ‘bring disrespect’.”

“That’s so primitive and ghetto.”


Tolu Oniru, popularly known as Toolz, is a Nigerian radio personality, talk show host, and presenter. She is best known for hosting The Midday Show on The Beat 99.9 FM.

Toolz was born in London on 6 July 1982. She had her primary education at Talbot House preparatory school in Bournemouth, UK, and secondary education in Nigeria before relocating to study at City of Westminster College. She also has a degree in Business and Mass communication from London Metropolitan University. Her parents are the famous Oniru Royal family of Lagos State.

Tolu Oniru married Tunde Demuren, son of a former Director General of National Civil Aviation Authority, Harold Demuren in Dubai on 26 May 2016. According to report by GlobalTimeng, their 4 year old marriage is currently in crisis as she removes husband’s name from Instagram bio. They have one child together.

In an interview with potpourri Tolu oniru talks on how she got into radio presenting on how getting on radio happened accidentally, as it was her first radio gig, and she wasn’t sure she was any good and how she was certain she would be fired in three months, but that didn’t happen. She described her career was initially on a ‘plan-as-I-go’ basis, but now she tries to plan more and set more long-term goals.

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