Actor Uche Odoputa debunks stories that he has become APC chieftain’s driver


Actor Uche Odoputa has denied the report that �he has become a private driver to Port Harcourt based politician, Emeka Bekkee
The Nollywood actor who also owns a boutique along Rivers state college of Art and science, Rumuola, in an exclusive interview with, said he only drove the APC Chieftain once on friendly ground.

Mr. Odoputa made known that he has not seen the politician for the past one month now.

Mr. Odoputa following the report making round, that you’re now a private driver here in Port Harcourt, what is your view on it?

(Laughing) Well i appreciated for not even labeling me a tout or an arm robber, as you know me.. I have always been on the screen as an actor trained under Amaka Igwe’s studios and am just arriving from a location camp as he speaks.

Have you drove Emmeka Bekee at all?

I have only driven Emeka once on his car but sometimes I take his car for outing but i don’t know anything about being his private driver, in fact you guys are just making me more popular.

Do you know Emmeka Bekee and what is your relationship with him?

Emeka’s wife happened to be from my neighborhood (relation) so am entirely a big friend to the Emeka beke’s family and he has my close friend since I have been in PH for the past four years doing my business.

We gathered that the politician opened a boutique for you along Rivers state college of Art and science, Rumuola?

As a matter of fact Mr Emeka Bekee has never given me any of his personal money before. I have ran a boutique and a winery for the past four years now which was formerly located @ No 1a first Avenue, Agip road is now along rumuola road since last year December. Seriously I survive by the grace of God because nobody has ever invested on him.

Finally a word for your fans?

My fans should keep supporting and praying for me because I don’t feel pompous.

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