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Actresses Look Forward To Kissing Me In Movies – Yul Edochie

Yul Edochie

Yul Edochie sat down with Ynaija for an interview. In the chat, he talked about his life in general, advantages of having a strict father like Pete Edochie, his acting career and how ladies seem to hover around him.

Read the excerpts from the interview below…

Besides the actor we see on TV, who is Yul Edochie?

I am a very simple guy I think, and from my own assessment of myself I love life, I love enjoying myself and I would say I am not really a bad person because I don’t engage in bad stuff. I love peace. I love it when everywhere is peaceful and people are happy. I try as much as possible to preach peace in everything I do. I would rather walk away from anything that is going to cause problems. I am very down to earth. A lot of people have this wrong impression about me but I am not like that. We build this world around us for protection, but by the time you come close to me, you will see that I’m very down to earth. I try to be very friendly. No matter what I have achieved it doesn’t get to my head. I still hang out with folks and old friends. I am just the very easy going person who is always happy hardly get angry I am Pete Edochie’s last son. My full names are Yul Chukwubuike Daniel Edochie. My father named me after an American actor. In fact, we were all named after foreign actors.

How was growing up like, with a movie-star as a father?

It felt good. Growing up was really good with him as a father. I was born in Lagos. I think my mother was in law school then and after that I was brought down to Enugu that’s was where we grew up. But we were always going to Lagos and Port-Harcourt.

He appears very strict in movies, is that how he is to you?

He is extremely very strict, but I thank God that He gave me a father like that. I couldn’t have wished for a better father. He is a strict catholic, so a lot of things I know today I learnt because of my background. Like I told you, I would rather die than dope. Kill me but I won’t dope and that’s how my father is. My father made us to understand that it is better to have a good name. Good name will get you riches and everything you need. That’s the kind of family I was raised too and my mum too is very strict. There wasn’t much money then to throw around but we grew up loving God and each other.

What is the biggest thing the surname ‘Edochie’ has done for you?

Lots of it though, but I think my own name paved a way for me too. That was why at a point; I don’t tell people I am Pete Edochie’s son. I had my reasons then. I am blessed and I also get recognition been Pete Edochie’s son. And I try as much as possible not to mess up the name.
How does it feel to be part of Tinsel?

I feel good. I have been a fan of Tinsel for 7 years; I am one of their biggest fans. Being part of their cast is a great achievement for me.

Have you experienced any form of embarrassment from your female fans?

I don’t see them as embarrassment. Actually a lot of people do a lot of things. One happened recently some girl saw me and wanted to take pictures and then she kissed me so deeply and passionately right in front of my wife. I am so lucky; I have a wife who understands.

You are seen as someone who kisses so much in movies. How do you handle that reputation?

I feel nothing. For me, it’s all about work. Some people say they kiss and other things get attached, but for me, I don’t feel anything at all.
During the shoot, I just die and wear the character I am playing, by the time we are done and I come back to myself, I feel nothing.
Funnily enough, all those romance scenes, they are about five or more crew in the bedroom with you, so how comfortable would you be to start feeling something else (laughs). Aside that, you still have lines in your head, you are battling to remember. So my dear, the supposed feelings would be far dead and gone.

How uncomfortable is it, to French-kiss different actresses in different movies?

At a point, I had to limit the kissing scenes I play. I know I did a lot of that while I was still young in the industry, but at the stage of my career, I reject a lot of roles that has to do with kissing and romancing. I can do romance scenes for you, perfectly without kissing. I can act that I am madly in love with a girl, without getting so romantic with her.
I often talk to the director to let me have it my own way without kissing the actress in question and they would let me. At the end of the day, the film would come out well.

Assuming that in the script, it was clearly stated that you are to kiss the actress; don’t you think she would feel so offended if you skip that part?

This is exactly what happens when you are not trained. It has actually happened to me and caused lots of issues on set. I know lots of actresses look forward to kissing me on set. This particular one, saw the script and was jumping that she was going to kiss ‘Yul Edochie’, but I was tired of the kissing thing and asked the director to allow me do it without the ‘kissing’.
When the actress heard it, she was like ‘I have kissed so….so and so person’, but won’t do the same to her. She flared up. It was quite funny and annoying too.
I have never looked forward to going to kiss someone in a film. It is not professional. Those who undergo the real training as an actor can’t sit at home and keep looking forward to kissing in movies.

As an actor, you always travel around, how then do you cope with managing your Lagos State based family?

It is not easy. Trust me, it is not. I try my best. Whenever, I am in Lagos, I make sure I stay with my family. I do two or three movies outside Lagos, then I hurry back home to meet my family

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