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Alex Ekubo writes open letter to Nigerian Army for brutalizing crippled man

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Alex Ekubo took to his instagram page and jotted an open letter to the Nigerian Army over a video clip showing them malhandling a crippled man for wearing camouflage outfit. Check out the letter below.

�My Open Letter to The Nigerian Army No!!! Nooo!!! Noooooo!!!!! Noooooooo!!!!! This has got to STOP, this gross misuse of power & arrant broad daylight disregard for civilians by the military, pls remind me is this Democracy or a Military Regime??? For Heaven sake THE MAN IS HANDICAPPED !! I don’t even want to know what he did or didn’t do, reports are saying its because ” he wore Camouflage” REALLY??? Is that reason enough for this inhumane act, Is that the reason why dollar is hell bent on attaining 1000 Naira to a dollar before my birthday in April?? , is that the reason why diesel is 270N in a Petroleum Exporting Country?? its only in Nigeria that someone’s house will be burning, & the house owner will be busy spraying insecticide in the Other Room to kill mosquitoes & cockroaches, as if when the house is burnt, both owner, pet & pests will not go down… with all that is happening in the country right now, this should be the least of the Armies worry. Pls pls pls, CHIEF OF ARMY STAFF, CHIEF OF DEFENSE, pls talk to your officers, if you pple want us to leave the country so it can be a country of military personnel just let us know… with great power comes great responsibility, i can’t keep calm anymore, Injustice any where is a TREAT to justice EVERYWHERE!!! That poor man is someones Relative.. TO WHOM BRAIN IS GIVEN, SENSE IS EXPECTED…. 😡😡😡 (Pls if you know this man, pls contact me, let me give him CLOTHES, as they don’t want to see him in their Uniform) 😓😪💔💔”

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