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Amber Rose Claims Tyga Is Her Target And Not The Kardashian/Jenner Sisters

Amber Rose in a recent interview claims Tyga was the target of a spat that ended up in a feud with the Kardashians/Jenner clan. This comes on the heels of �an interview Khloe granted Complex about the feud. Amber said she has no issues with Kylie, but Tyga as she was standing up for her friend, Blac Chyna. Read what she�said about the interview below.

�I feel like everything was extremely misunderstood. Listen, I met Kylie before, she was actually a really sweet girl, I was very surprised as to how nice she was to me,And I wasn’t coming at Kylie. I was coming at Tyga on behalf of my best friend, Blac Chyna.”

�So, for me to say, ‘Yeah, she should probably go to bed,’ maybe was in poor taste and I understand that,” �But I feel like that should have been more of a phone call that Khloé could’ve had with me. She could’ve called me. We run in the same circles. She could’ve gotten my number for sure.”

But that’s her sister, so I understand where she was coming from, and I feel like it escalated to the point where it shouldn’t have gotten that far,” I always thought Khloé was cool. I never really, like, met her but I always felt like she had a bunch of personality and she was like a really cool girl. Kylie, like I said, was very nice to me. So it really wasn’t about them.

It just kind of turned into that and, via social media, it just made everything a lot worse.”
Amber went as far as to invite Khloé, Kylie and the rest of the sisters to her �Slut Walk” in October to put all the bad blood behind them.
�I want to just end all�it’s hard for me to be a feminist and still have those loose ends. I really don’t want argue with those girls. It’s not that serious to me,

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