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Ariel Castro sentenced to 1000 years in prison

Ariel Castro

If you followed the story, 3 girls went missing 10 years ago were found locked in basement of this man named Ariel Castro, they were kidnapped, raped and chained to a pole for 10 years. One of them even gave birth

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Amanda Berry, 26, went missing in 2003 when she was 16
Gina DeJesus, 23,disappeared when she was aged 14 in 2004
Michelle Knight, 32, disappeared in 2000 when she was 20

After pleading guilty to 937 counts including kidnapping, rape and murder, Ariel Castro was today sentenced to 1,000 years in prison for holding the three Cleveland women hostage as pictures emerged of the House of Horrors where he repeatedly sexually, physically and emotionally abused them over the course of a decade.

Other horrific details of the women’s ordeal had already emerged, including tales of being chained to poles in the basement or a bedroom heater or inside a van, with one woman forced to wear a motorcycle helmet while chained in the basement and, after she tried to escape, having a vacuum cord wrapped around her neck.

Castro repeatedly starved and beat one of the victims each time she was pregnant, forcing her to miscarry five times.

He forced the same woman on threat of death to safely deliver the child he fathered with another victim on Christmas Day 2006. The same day, prosecutors say, Castro raped the woman who helped deliver his daughter.

Pictures of dirty mattresses draped in chains were shown as Burke explained it was from the room Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight lived.

Authorities also found a ‘significant amount’ of cash in a washing machine in the basement, the same room as the pole the women were chained to while he raped them.

On occasion, Castro would throw the money at the women after sexually abusing them and require they pay him to pick up any special items for them when he left the house, the agent said.

He would also force them to hold a gun to his head and dare them to shoot him in a sick game of Russian Roulette

Castro shocked the packed courtroom by stating there was ‘a lot of harmony’ in the house and denied raping them. He claimed none of them were virgins when he abducted them.

The 53-year-old blamed his behavior on the violence he suffered as a child and his addiction to porn.

As usual, they always blame it on something.. 1000 years means even after his death, his ghosts will continue the sentence.. Wow

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