BBATheChase: ‘Angelo is husband material’ – Beverly

Beverly Osu

The bond between South Africa dance instructor Angelo and Nigerian model Beverly is getting stronger by the day even though they live in different houses.

Courtesy of Saturday night parties, the two are able to rekindle their ‘romance’ every Saturday.
Angelo and a tipsy Beverly kissed when the Diamonds went to the Ruby house on Saturday and it seems the two liked every second of it and are ready to push it further. Beverly shared with Biggie that she loved what went down on Saturday.

It was nice. I presume he wants a relationship and I have nothing against it. He’s a very hardworking guy. He’s honest. He’s 37 and I have never dated my age mates. He’s husband material

she vented.
From the look of things, Beverly is ready to have a thing with Angelo and so is Angelo as he also confided in Biggie during his Diary that Beverly is a very beautiful girl, likes her and hopes for the better especially after-show.

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