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#BBATheChase: Chasemates get naked!


What do you get when you pair alcohol with sexy, lonely Chasemates looking for some excitement? A sexy stríp show that’s what!

Last night, the Housemates made jaws drop across Africa with a sexy show. After annihilating a bottle of vodka, the Chasemates decided to play the náked numbers game. The Chasemates sat in a circle and followed a countdown order.

When Dillish’s turn came, the Namibian cutie stumbled over her words and because of her fumble, was forced to stríp. “Take it off, take it off!” the boys shouted. At first, Dillish protested telling her waiting audience “I’m so weak from the alcohol”. However, the gang was having none of that and waited on her to stríp. And stríp she did.

Ghana’s Elikem also got to stríp down as well and so did Beverly, who flashed a bit of side-bóob.

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