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BBNaija Fans Unimpressed With The Show’s First House Party

BBNaijaBBNaija “Pepper Dem” housemates had their first house party of the season yesterday but fans were unimpressed with what they saw.

Instead of letting loose and celebrating their stay in the house, the housemates spent most of the time talking and rarely danced with each other.

This made fans of the show compare this season with the last one when Alex used to destroy the dancefloor.

She was tagged the “dance queen of BBNaija” for her amazing dance moves and her ability to enjoy the night with her fellow housemates.

Fans shared their reaction on Twitter.

A tweet read, “Only Alex will dance for hours without drinking anything, not even water.

“She tore the dance floor even with some of the uncomfortable clothes she was given on Saturday’s! The energy goddess.”

Another one read, “No single drop of alcohol in her system she entertained Nigeria and Africa. Her energy and strength is a divine gift.I love my Alex #BBNaija”

Someone else said, “I respect her Energy o. Can’t dance to save my life without Alcohol, how Alex does it is what I dont know ooo. I Re-STAN.”

Another fan tweeted, “Thelma is not even good. No energy. No matter ur moves, u need energy to sustain it. Zero energy.

Alex had the energy and it gingered all the other housemates then. But these ones ehen…Mike is the best dancer.”

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