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Be Your Husband’s Best Friend During The Coronavirus Lockdown – Adeniyi Johnson

Adeniyi Johnson

Adeniyi Johnson

Popular Nollywood actor, Adeniyi Johnson has come out to talk to ladies who are making this lockdown period hard for their husbands.

The movie star simply jumped on Instagram to reveal that such habits from Nigerian women would be difficult to get some men back into their homes after the lockdown.

According to him, if our wives want their husband to keep up with their vows of marriage when the pandemic is over, this is the time for them to make the lockdown period enjoyable for their men.

He added that women should respect their husbands, cook for them, obey them, be their best friend and so on. because, by so doing, they will still keep their homes and him when the virus is long gone.

His words, “When this lockdown ends and some men step outside. Some women go hear am. Instead of using this time to consolidate and make home peaceful, you are there misbehaving saying God catch you. My sister after coronavirus has gone back to China, you go endure. Use this time to win them back. Be wise, make home interesting to him. Pray and play games together. Bring back the memories and stop being stubborn.”

“Lots are saying I’ll show him… keep showing him till you run out of colour … Now is the time to determine what will happen after the lockdown study respect him, obey him give him food, stop saying “Am I a prostitute”!. Cook good food, and TALK TO HIM… Be his best friend now!”


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