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Boko Haram coronates new emirs in Gwoza & Dambua in Borno State

Boko-Haram-Coronates-New-Emirs-In-Gwoza-Dambua-In-Borno-State-01 (2)
Despite the several actions of the Nigerian Army to fully stop the actions of Boko Haram. The sect has literally gone to install its own Emirs in the towns that were overtaken by them several weeks ago.

Senator Ndume, who represents southern Borno, revealed to his colleagues as Senate resumed from its two-month recess yesterday, he said;

�I represent southern Borno and Gwoza. The challenges we are facing are more serious than what we have faced before. We, the people of southern Borno, particularly Gwoza, parts of Adamawa and Yobe know that it’s presently occupied!
�I read here on the Senate Order Paper about a threat. It’s no longer a threat; somebody is occupying that place and he’s declared it a caliphate!Yesterday, a new emir was installed by Boko Haram in Dambua. The original emir is taking refuge in Abuja. Boko Haram installed a new emir in Gwoza…Recently, we conceded the extension of state of emergency and it was because it could get out of hand. Can it get out of hand more than what is happening now?.”

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