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Buhari Is Not The Messiah Nigerians Thought Had Come – Mumakai-Unagha

Muhammadu Buhari

Muhammadu Buhari

Ex APC Presidential aspirant in the 2019 general election, Alhaji Mumakai-Unagha has come out of say that Buhari has shown that he is not the messiah Nigeria needs.

He recently revealed this during an interview with the press, and Nigerians have been reacting.

According to him, with the enthusiasm and zeal with which the people embraced Buhari when he first came, it is clear that the expectation of the masses were not only turned down, they were also buried.

He added that those who asked the president to go for second term must be regretting by now because it has been a complete disaster.

His words, “Most politicians are bootlickers, they do not have the courage to face reality which some of us don’t have the shocks to absorb.”

“Take it or leave it. If you see the enthusiasm and zeal with which we embraced Buhari when he came, it was as if he was the messiah but the expectation of the masses was not only turned down, but also buried.”

“I couldn’t have imagined that an army general, known for fighting wars would not be able to address security challenges. As party faithful, we welcomed his economic and development policy, but the policy was like a beautiful bride, well dressed without character. To give it a better narrative, the government took off well with high expectations but the reverse has been the case now.”

“The integrity of Mr. President we know him for has fast gone down. In 2014, some of us almost sold our houses and cars to prosecute the election because of the love we have for him. It has been so painful considering the present state of the country.”

“This is a party where the president does not know the foundation members or those who stick out their neck for the party. He did not know if members are dying of hunger to the exclusion of a few, all in the name of integrity. Boards and parasatals he constituted since 2016 are still there. Worst, non performing ministers are also still there doing nothing.”

“Those who asked Mr. President to re-contest for second term may be regretting by now. They saw his shortcoming but compelled him to contest for their selfish interest. I can tell you, Buhari was not prepared for the second term of office. Some of us, his faithful, who can trek from Badagry to Maiduguri for the love we have for him, cannot even do so from the Eagle square to the gate of Aso Villa.”

“In the first tenure of Mr. President, his eye glass, Agbada even his cap was a threat to corrupt Politicians, making them to flee the country. Sooner or later, all went down the drain. The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, became the centre of corruption where officers were on pay list of those who stole the country blind. Power play took the centre-stage over who controls the soul of these agencies.”

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