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Mc JkCyno – The Barrowman [ViDeo]

Mc JkCyno - The Barrowman [ViDeo]

Mc jkcyno is a stand up comedian who has a great sense of humor. He cracks joke for fun and makes people laugh for a living. Here comes his official comedy skit ‘LAUGHTER CLINIC’ Episode 1 for your consumption. More hilarious and unique episodes promise to come your way intermittently. ...

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Hilarious photo!! When your Dad works in Nigeria Breweries

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kikiki Lol this most be Akpos and Nkechi. What would you do, if you came back from work and meet your kids doing???

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Mc Tall – Cracked Up [Comedy ViDeo]

Mc Tall Cracked Up 200x300 1

A hilarious comedy video showing two stubborn drivers refusing to give in. This video was conjured by versatile comedian Mc Tall (@mctall1) who is staging a come back after a year long academic absence. The video is the first of a forthcoming series dubbed ‘Cracked Up with Mc Tall’. The ...

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Mcspinosky & BrandinyX – YOUV BIN USED [COMEDY]

Mcspinosky & BrandinyX - YOUV BIN USED [COMEDY]

The Crazily abstract, trending comedian is back at it yet again! Exactly one month after laughing Malaria out of 2012 with the Malaria Diss Song ‘Abide W’T Me’, MC SPINOSKY has joined Forces with Rock n Roll Prince BRANDINY {Dancer, Dance Instructor, Musician, TV host and Entertainer} in this hot ...

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Well, we all have experienced breakups at some point either you are the giver or the receiver but most of us have experienced both ends. Well,there are some ridiculus lines guys use which honestly I dont know if they thought it will make us feel better 20 Ridiculous Break Up ...

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Funny Video by @nnamdiarea

What do you do when you�re stopped by a member of the Nigerian Police force and asked to identify yourself? For starters, don�t attempt to get cheeky! This is page one of the handbook on dealing with the Nigerian police.�Watch this funny video from OurOwnArea and have a hearty laugh! ...

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Just read this joke and had a good laugh!!!and decided to share it A young Jamaican father-to-be awakened the village doctor in the middle of the night saying: “Doc!Doc!Come fast now! Is ma wife man! Herwater is broken man! She is about born a child man!” The doctor came over ...

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Crazy Photographer

art work

The Smiths were unable to conceive children and decided to use a surrogate father to start their family. On the day the surrogate father was to arrive, Mr. Smith kissed his wife and said, �I’m off. The man should be here soon” Half an hour later, just by chance a ...

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