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CHRISTIANITY IN NIGERIA (a nation in spritual prison)


Christianity began as a personal relationship with Christ and God. When it came to Athens, it became a philosophy, when it went to rome, it became an organization, when it went to Europe it became a culture, when it went to America it became a business, so I want to add that when it came to Nigeria it became a scam, “A BIG SCAM”.

It pains me to say that I came form this country that enthrones mediocrity and scorns at proficiency, a nation in spiritual prison. I know some of you who benefit from the corruption and iniquity will send me rejoinder to say “you sound negative”. I know, but you cannot accuse me of telling lies, this nation our country needs deliverance.

The book of Timothy chapter 3 verses 1-5 painted a vivid present day Nigeria “there will be treble times in the last days. People will be lovers of themselves, lover of money, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, without love, unforgiven, slanderous, not lover of good, lover of pleasure rather than lover of God having a form of Godliness but denying its power”. The last days are here now. I will keep saying this to my friends who are pastors, PLEASE QUIT PROSPERITY TEACHINGS, THIS IS NOT THE TIME FOR THAT, it is a time for national mourning not birthday celebrations and conventions

There are too many churches in the cities, our villages are demon infested and hunger and hunger ridden. How come every one is now called to have a ministry in Abuja, Porth Harcourt, Lagos, Warri or South Africa? People in our villages are dying of all kind of preventable illness. Spiritual and natural. Poverty holds way in the midst of mega million Naira churches and grandiose church projects. In fact our G-Os don’t seem to know what to do with money. Please can someone take them on a trip to our village? Maybe the sight of malnourished children with big eyes, big stomach, big heads and tiny legs will move them.

One lady on the papers, lamenting how their pastor asked them to contribute money for a school project, now the school is standing and he wants every parent to pay ₦500,000 as school fees per child, the bible says in 2 Timothy 3:13 “but evil men and impostors shall wax and wax, deceiving and being deceived”. Every Nigerian jeep owner, cum money bags has poverty stricken sisters or brothers, they can give money to pastors and G-Os, the big name pastors but cannot help their relatives. They donate million everywhere its possible to have a television coverage so they can gain some public relation mileage but they cannot afford to help the poor people secretly.

Let me tell you what an old woman said wen she was asked why she does not go to church on every Sundays “they will take away all my money” she said. I replied common whatever you give them, you’re giving to God. She said “they don’t. If they were giving it to the poor, they wouldn’t have so much”.

As I write so many unknown Nigerian missionaries are living in mud houses in remote areas of this country, unable to afford three square meal a day yet they are winning souls into the kingdom. When some big name pastors decide to help, they make bricks business by publicly raising funds for missionaries using the money to buy properties abroad, the fact that a pastor is doing it under the toga of Christian NGO does not make it right.

Why can’t we emulate America or British credible system of decency and morality? That is why they could jail the likes of pastor Jim Parkers. Even the England pastor Douglas. Was equally jailed for some issues. But Nigeria is a country in such spiritual prison that even murders and economist saboteurs walk freely, not to talk about corrupt pastors. Remember that when pastor Jim Parker came out of prison he wrote a book titled “I WAS WRONG” this is a humble American spirit.

In Nigeria God alone will decide when enough is enough.

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