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Christians That Pray For The Death Of Their Enemies Will Go To Hell – Freeze

Daddy FreezePopular Cool FM OAP, Daddy Freeze has revealed that it is not right for Christians to pray for the death of their enemies.

In a recent clip, the radio presenter said whoever indulges in that will go to hell.

His exact words were, “You are far better off and have a greater chance of making heaven, living with no religion whatsoever, or with any other faith than Christianity if you don’t love your neighbor.”

“A Buddhist, Shintoist, Hindu or Muslim who loves his neighbor, will make heaven faster than a Christian who doesn’t. (Matthew 25:31-41)Most of your ‘daddies in the Lord’ have fed you half-baked doctrines shrouded in lies, telling you to pray for your enemies to die, in direct contradiction to the teachings of Yahushua.

Any Church teaching its members to pray ‘die by fire’ prayers for enemies to die, is already being consumed by the fires of Hell. Some will blindly and ignorantly quote John 3:16 to back their delusions that have over the years turned being ‘born again’ into a religion.”

“Being born again is NOT a religion, it’s the direct submission to the ‘MESSAGE’ of Christ and if Christ instructs us to love and pray for our enemies and you do otherwise, you are nothing but a hellbound religious dingbat!

The words of Christ are clear; love ALWAYS takes precedence over faith, were there to be a conflict, so if Christ himself taught us to pray for our enemies, any Pastor teaching you a contrasting message is a bearer of the light of Lucifer, an antichrist in human flesh, with the wrath of God upon his family!”

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