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Write for NaijaVibe | Best Tips

Write for NaijaVibe

Write for NaijaVibe: Do you have a passion for writing? Got something you want to share with us?

Or are you a Writer/Blogger that wants to be featured on our site?

NaijaVibe.net is a better platform for writers who want to write, contribute, and let their voices be heard. Articles can range from topics about Social Issues, Relationships, Humor, Fashion, African Culture, Inspirational, Entertainment, etc.

Naija VibeHere are the following guidelines to writing an article for NaijaVibe.net

1. Articles should be original i.e. Not copied from a different source that is not originally yours. If some information is derived from other sources please state the source in the article.

2. Articles should, as much as possible refrain from insults directed towards a particular gender, ethnic group, race, or religious group.

3. Articles should be fairly accurate where dates, events, and places are mentioned.

4. Articles should, as much as possible, be grammatically correct and void of glaring grammatical errors. This does not mean vernacular cannot be used. If you write in pidgin English then by all means do so. We are not opposed to that.

5. Articles should have a picture related to the article topic included in the article. This helps out a great deal as our blog system lays out articles with a picture thumb.

All articles will be reviewed prior to publishing.

Do you think you are fit?

Email [email protected]


NaijaVibe Team


  1. Now I feel depressed and know that life,relationships and friendship have been cruel to me. I just wish I could go back to some 15years ago when I wouldn’t think about settling down or try to keep friends. As I lay down here,I think about how my journey has been in the last 10years and all I can do is nod my big fat head.. I can remember my secondary school days when I use to tell my friends ‘I just want to be a single mum and forget it’ well technically I meant it but deep inside,I wanted the whole lovey dovey relationship but I had a reason,I was so unattractive even to myself.. Wait,don’t judge me yet,I had a leg problem… So that’s how Bode came into my life and made me want to change my plan in a second.. Bode was all over me and even my friends knew,we gradually became a couple and did everything together though I can’t remember him asking me out but we both assumed to the relationship.. Everything was going on well until we had two distractions.. Sade and tomi?? Mehn they were a ton in my flesh and it was too hard for me to fight for what’s mine.. You know why? They were both very sexy and attractive and me I was a story for another day.. Sade was overly all over Bode that I almost didn’t feel the need to stop her since Bode didn’t.. Their affair didn’t last for long though and he came running back to me and foolish me most definitely accepted him because I was of opinion that if I don’t accept him who’s ready to accept me and trust me boyfriend was trending there.. So we wrapped up things together and sorted things but something about Bode baffled me,he never asked about my leg and I also didn’t mind.. Tomi came into the picture and the relationship was finally hiting the rocks.. In all ramification,am way finer than this babe o but let’s say I didn’t feel good about myself so I let it pass.. They went on for a while until one day I finally decided to end it and go back to my initial plan of a single mum.. Yeah it was that easy ‘hey u,get over me,we are done’… I was happy I made this clear to him and I finally moved on until I met Damian.. OMG!!! He was very cute that I told myself not to fall for him but I did.. We actually have not seen each other except pictures but after few months I decided to tell him about my condition and he didn’t mind.. I officially rang it to my head that yes am hooked up finally.. We set a date to see and ofcourse we did.. He was look all cute and me yeye as usually then he began the whole touching and all but I was way not expecting it too soon.. He wasn’t intelligient in our 1st conversation and I decided to ask him few questions ‘what school are you in? Am a dropout.. Ehen but why? Well I will go back but want to get enough money to send myself.. Its been 6years now and he’s still not in school.. I tried to continue the relationship when I found other habit of his and I sat myself down to actually talk to myself abou my choice of guys but then something suddenly happened… Watch out for pt2

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  6. Nice one, we may contribute at any point in time. Keep it up!

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