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Custody battle! Wiz Khalifa ready to drags Amber Rose

Amber Rose with Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa is now planning to take Amber Rose to court so he could get more custody of their one year old son, Sebastian because he believes the former stripper is a bad mum according to documents obtained by TMZ.

Report below..
We’ve learned Wiz’s camp has put together a laundry list of complaints, including:
– Amber often stays out all night, requiring that relatives and staff take over
– The family dog eats its own feces and then licks Sebastian’s face
– When she wakes up she’ll play with the kid for 15 minutes or so and then disappear
– Amber and her mom have a volatile relationship, laced with “shouting matches and vulgar exchanges,” which upset the boy. And during the arguments the N word was hurled by Amber’s mom

Wiz has not filed legal docs to change custody, but we’re told that’s coming.. which is why he’s getting relatives and others involved to help him make a case.

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