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D’banj/Davido hype man Special Spesh wanted for fraud

Special Spesh

Edward Chukuma-Ijah better known as Special Spesh was allegedly arrested in the US back in 2011, according to a US website mugshots.com

The Hype Man who grew to fame while working with Davido and the now-defunct Mo’Hits crew is said to have been arrested on three counts – Financial transfer credit theft, forgery of the first degree and ID fraud.

The website also wrote that fat rapper/hype man spent two days in the slammer before he was released.

There was also a $17,000 bond placed on his arrest.

Not only that, the dude was also a pimp and drug pusher.

A screenshot of the comments made on Special Ed’s rap sheet published on mugshot.com..

Sources say he also served community service, although it wasn’t immediately clear which of the charges he was convicted for.

Special Spesh wanted for fraud

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