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Dencia lashes out at BET awards for disrespecting African artistes

Before we even start at what she said to and about the BET awards, check outDencia’s outfit at the event. Madt shape!
So, some hours ago Cameroonian/Nigerian singer Dencia who was at the BET Awards with Iceprince took to Twitter to express her displeasure at what she thinks is totally rude..
According to Dencia, Ice Prince receivedhis award with none of the biginternational starsin theaudience but somehowBET got to edit Iceprince’s video and made it appear he wasin front ofthe live audience.

It turns out this year, Iceprince’s BET awardpresentationwas per-recorded on stage unlike in previous years when the awards were presented to winners in a room, backstage.

The taping was done hours ahead of the main ceremony.

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