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Ekiti PDP Crisis Is Down To Personal Interest – Funmi Ogun



Secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party in Ekiti State and a governorship aspirant in the 2026 governorship election, Mrs Funmi Ogun has come out to speak about the performance of the current administration in the state.

She recently had her say while speaking to the press, and Nigerians have been reacting.

According to her, what people are calling crisis in the Ekiti faction of PDP is nothing other than personal interest, and that can never be erased as long as humans are involved in issues.

Funmi added that human interest only evolves, it is absolutely impossible to end it completely.

Her words, “What you call crisis is nothing other than personal interest and that can never be erased as long as humans are involved in issues.

It can’t be ended; human interest only evolves. There are times it has some very strong tones, and sometimes mild. But overall, human interest will forever be with us.

We are prepared. But as you know, you just can’t be prepared enough. The authority for the conduct of the exercise comes from the National Body of the party. As a state body, we await directives from them as contained in the constitution of the party.

Some people think PDP cannot make an inroad into the Government House for now, especially now that it is believed in some quarters that your party has an alliance with Ekiti APC. What do you think?

Wrong assertion, very wrong assertion, but it will work in our favour. We have the best chance ever now than ever before for obvious reasons. Again, I must say for record purposes that individuals have freedom of association. So, if a group of individuals chooses to exercise their right of association, that does not mean that the whole party has formed an alliance. No, not at all. A leader in this party once said that we should stay with our malaria rather than embrace cancer. At present, stakeholders in the party are closing ranks and working towards a single purpose – winning.

A roadmap or blueprint is a piece of document, and it is subject to an upgrade from time to time. Do you have a copy of it? Do you know anybody that has a copy of it or have you by any chance stumbled on it or sighted a copy? So, what are we saying?

Do not let us play on the intelligence of our people. There are tears; people are crying on the streets; people are mourning and wailing, and you are asking which aspect is good. If this question is asked on the street, there will be mob action. Don’t you go to the market? What is the fuel price? What’s the dollar exchange rate? Did you notice that the few recreational centres have folded up? Even nightlife is dead, no fun, and virtually everybody is in survival mode.”

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