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El Rufai Should Focus On Job Retention, Not Sacking Of Civil Servants – Issa Aremu

Nasir El Rufai

Nasir El Rufai

The IndustriALL Global Union has come out to urge Governor Nasir El-Rufai to reconsider and withdraw the mass sack of thousands of civil servants in Kaduna State.

The Vice President of the global union, Comrade Issa Aremu recently revealed this to the press, and Nigerians have been reacting.

According to him, during the pandemic and high rate of unemployment in the country, the best thing a governor can do is engage in jobs retention, mass job creation, not engaging in unhelpful massive layoffs.

He added that the governor should engage with workers’ unions on the state development, instead of making wrong sacking decisions.

His words, “At times of Covid:19 pandemic, rising official unemployment of 33, 18 per cent inflation and open unemployment of 50 per cent and footloose criminality and banditry, the minimum responsibility of all elected governments is “jobs retention, mass job creation not engaging in unhelpful massive layoffs.”

“Governor El Rufai like most governors of Northern states is better positioned to be less dependent on Federal allocations if they could partner with the federal government to urgently implement the Cotton, Textile and Garment (CTG) policy which according to CBN could generate over 2 million direct taxable jobs.”

“At times like this with a pandemic, high inflation, unemployment, income, and energy poverty, government protection is next to Godliness. The constitution envisages a kind caring Nigeria, not “tough” insensitive sub-national leaders who sack workers on low pay, impose levies indiscriminately, worsen poverty, and inadvertently fuels violent crimes of various hues.”

“Men may suffer terribly from the death of loved ones, the breakup of a marriage, or some other personal tragedy. But what brings human beings the point of immobilization, total misery is the loss of their jobs.”

“The truths about mass layoffs is that they’re killers, just visit the communities hosting the collapsed textile mills around the country and see the misery of unemployment.”


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