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Emmy Collins blasts Linda Ikeji, + Nigerian bloggers

Emmy Collins

Emmy Collins is here again with his critical write ups about everything and anything in Nollywood.�Last week, it was about Toni Tones, Karen Igho and more of Toni Tones. This week, Linda Ikeji is his target and he titled this piece “Most Effective Ways To Insult Your Readers By Linda Ikeji.”
He went on about how bloggers, most especially Linda tend to praise things that are obviously tacky and cheap; he started his attack with the recent photo of Uche Ogbodo which recently surfaced online.

Sometimes I wonder where the problem lies, is it that most of these bloggers don’t know what sophistication is all about or am I the problem because all I see here is anything but sophistication. The make-up is nothing to write home about while that red hair is as cheap as it gets.

With that red hair I almost came to the conclusion that perhaps�Halloween came too soon this year.�Come, on Linda, have some respect for your readers; they are not all�schmucks.

I am a�staunch�believer that when cheap garments are�accessorized�and worn well, the value increases but these cheap pieces were neither�accessorized�well nor worn well. In fact the cheapness is so thick in the air, I could smell or touch it. My eyes ain’t happy either; they feel abused by these images. There aren’t better ways to insult the intelligence of your readers than this. When you have a platform don’t misinform or promote mediocrity with it.

I hate to burst this lady’s burbles as I don’t know what she is selling but Photoshop doesn’t fix every issue, as a matter of fact it exacerbates it sometimes as in this case. Take it from someone who should know and has no ulterior motives towards you.�By the way who is she? In her, I see a major contender for Toni Tone’s crown as the drag queen of the nation.

Ok, I wonder what exactly is Emmy Collins trying to achieve and do you think it is his place to�criticize the opinion of others?� See the photos that ignited his fury.

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