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Epic Tweet Fight between Linda Ikeji, Omojuwa, El-Rufai’s son

Linda Ikeji vs Omojuwa

Culled from Peace Ben Williams Blog

Last night recorded an epic Twitter exchange between top Nigerian blogger, Linda Ikeji and another top Nigerian blogger, twitter activist and political commentator, Japheth Omojuwa.

Let me explain what started the fight. There has been talk about a widely circulated article that tried to link the recent spike in Boko Haram attack to the suspension of the CBN governor, Lamido Sanusi. The article was written by someone called Wendell Simlin.

The article was circulated to bloggers and journalists on Wednesday with the third party email address, [email protected], but an analysis of the document’s metadata later revealed that Reno Omokri, Special Assistant to the President on New Media authored it. PREMIUM TIMES and some other news media contacted Reno to get his own side of the story but he refused to respond.

This story was really hot and got the whole Nigerian online community buzzing.

However, many political activists are angry with Linda Ikeji for not carrying the story on her blog.

Naturally, it got people wondering why Linda would pass up such a juicy story.

Just then Linda published a different article written by Reno (he used his real name this time.. hehehe!) titled, Social Media in the Jonathan age

Linda said this on her blog before posting Reno’s article:

Before you people start, let me explain. Lol. Yes I did see all your comments about me not getting involved in the ‘Wendell Simlin’ scandal. I didn’t write anything about it because it was an accusation which could be true or false and I just refused to be pressured. I decided to leave it alone until Mr Reno reacts to it but he never did.. so.. :-). Anyway, here’s another piece written by him..

Most people also thought her excuse was lame including Omojuwa and one of Mallam Nasir El-Rufai‘s sons who uses the Twitter handle @HElrufai.

Now you can read the tweets..


HElrufai vs Linda

Ego Okonkwo

Linda Ikeji vs Omojuwa on twitter

Linda vs HElrufai

HELrufai's post

Anaba Victoria

Omojuwa vs Linda Ikeji

J.J Omojuwa tweet

Omojuwa tweet to Linda

Omojuwa tweet

Linda replies

Omojuwa to Linda


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