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Expectation of Nigerians too high – Buhari

Buhari11President-elect Buhari has said the expectation Nigerians have for his government is too high and it is making him nervous .. Buhari said this at a meeting with the APC governors-elect at Defence House, Abuja, on Monday.

He also lamented the poor state of the economy which has made it difficult for both the federal and state governments to meet their obligations to workers and pay salaries.According to Punch, he said
�The expectation is too high and I have started nervously to explain to people that Rome was not built in a day.For this to be corrected, please give the incoming government a chance. Here, I will like to recall what happened during the Abacha regime which led to the emergence of PTF.
The Abacha regime was a military regime and it thought that the only way was to increase the prices of petroleum products, but they were not taking Nigerians for a ride.

�They could have said if Nigerians decide too riot, they have the guns and so they can have their way. They decided to tell Nigerians that they were going to increase prices of petroleum products and the money we get, we will put aside for development. That was how PTF came..
�This time around, under this system, to bounce back with the issue especially with the backlog of salaries which are of immediate concern to individuals and states, I think we should look for a better way to address the issue and think of how to persuade people to give us a chance to organise the economy immediately and get something to pay salaries.

”He reaffirmed his determination to give priority to securing the lives and property of Nigerians because according to him no meaningful development can take place without security.

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