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Facts About Kissing- Be Enlightened

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Kissing is a pleasure that all of you must have experienced. What do you think about kissing? Is it a simple touch, a meeting of the lips or more supreme? Surely it�s more than that. It�s the meeting of two souls where they express their love and passion for each other. But apart from this lovey-dovey declaration, there are some fun facts about kissing too. Want to know what they are? Then read on!

1. The word kiss has its origins from the German word kussijanan or kuss. So the Germans invented kissing? Yeah, right, as if we believe that!

2. Kissing burns calories � about 6.4 calories per minute. So the next time, you need to shed some weight off your body, hit the lips instead of the gym.

3. A pucker kiss makes use of only two muscles, while French kissing involves using all or most facial muscles.

4. When our facial muscles are used while kissing, it tones them up, increases blood circulation, prevents wrinkles and reduces signs of exhaustion. So kiss more, darlings!

5. Kissing avoids dental problems and is good for the teeth because by anticipating a kiss, there is increased flow of saliva to the mouth.

6. Kissing reduces your life. Yes, that�s true! A simple peck on the cheek can raise your hormone levels so much so that it can shorten your life. Now that�s a reason to not kiss!

7. Matt Daley and Bobby Canciello � a gay college couple holds the record currently for the longest kiss ever. They kissed for a good, long 33 hours!

8. Kissing could also lead you to your death. Not now, ladies! It was way back in the 16th century in Naples, Italy. Death penalty was the punishment for kissing.

9. Kissing also has a science and it�s called philematology.

10. �Kiss my ass!� Ahem, we didn�t say that. But we are certain some of you have heard or uttered this particular phrase sometime in your life. Anyway, the point is that this phrase originated somewhere around 1705. Imagine that! People weren�t so goody-good even back then.

11. Lips are more sensitive than your fingers�and genitals. Yup, no kidding!

12. February 5 is International Kissing Day.

13. In our entire lifetime, we spend about 15 days kissing. That could mean one vacation too!

14. There�s also a fear of kissing known as Philematophobia.

15. A woman can get an orgasm by the act of kissing. Hmm..we�re thinking now. How many of you have experienced that?

16. Common chimpanzees kiss with open mouths. Only bonobos � the smartest of them all � use their tongues while kissing.

17. The first on-screen same sex kiss, shared by two women was in the 1922 movie �Manslaughter�.

18. There was a unique code passed in 1930 regarding people kissing in American movies called the Hays Code. It stated that people kissing could not be in a horizontal position, as in, lying down. One of them had to sit or stand. If there was any kissing on the beds, then one of the actors� foot had to be on the floor and all married on-screen couples slept in twin beds. Too difficult to digest? That�s why the Code worked only till 1968.

19. The kiss between Ingrid Bergman and Cary Grant in the 1946 film �Notorious� is termed to be one of the sexiest kisses in Hollywood. Due to the Hays code, kisses couldn�t prolong more than a few seconds. So director Alfred Hitchcock told the actors to repeatedly kiss briefly when Grant was answering a phone call. That seemed as if the kiss was going on and on, but it never extended more than a few seconds.

20. Do you rub your noses while kissing? Well then, you�re doing the Eskimo kiss too. An Eskimo kiss involves the rubbing of noses.

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