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Fair girls; the new cool for Nigerian artist?

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From the Dark girls

What is wrong with you fair girls?? You get all the endorsement deals, soap advertisement, rich and fine guys and you’ve added celebrities to it *sigh*.. We keep watching you do all the sexy and attractive things but now we’ve had it up to here.. I thought they say ‘Black is beautiful’ just what flavour sang but here am I doubting it.. Tell me one Nigerian artist showcasing a dark girl, NO WAY.. We the darks girls are really pained.. I mean we have all it takes too now and I believe we are the ones they refer to as black beautiful but we still here hoping that one day we will be showcased.. Am really having this sincere speech before another war starts.. Dark girls must shine this 2015 atleast celebrities must have a taste of us too so please fair girls should give us a break now.. What’s your take o??

To the fair girls

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