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FIFA unveils 2018 official ball

fifa unveils 2018 official ball

Every world cup is played with a new ball; I guess that is what makes it a unique game. Long way since the 1930s�when World Cup balls were still inflated through tie-up laces or an outer shell of leather filled with cork shavings.

It was in the 19th century, 1970 world cup hosted by Mexico came the era of Adidas, now a booming manufacturer of soccer-related items like shoots and balls. According to World Cup Balls, this ball was called the Telstar�a declension of “television” and “star. It had 32 panels; consisting of 12 black pentagonal and 20 white hexagonal panels, like many contemporary balls, so it’s easy to see it as the ur-ball for the present day sport.
It was painted with black and white panels so it was more visible on black-and-white television.

fifa unveils 2018 official ball

Fast forward to recent times; 2006 world cup in Germany, The ball Teamgeis was designed by the Adidas. The Teamgeist ball differs from previous balls in having just 14 curved panels (making the ball topologically equivalent to a truncated octahedron), rather than the 32 that have been standard since 1970. In another first, the panels are bonded together, rather than stitched. It is claimed to be rounder and to perform more uniformly regardless of where it is hit, and being almost waterproof, it does not change performance as much when wet.
Then 2010 in South Africa we had the �JABULANI”, which means �to celebrate” in Zulu, the eleventh Adidas World Cup ball. These 11 colors represent the 11 players in every team, the 11 official languages of South Africa and the 11 South African communities that make the country one of the most ethnologically diverse countries on the African continent.

Again in 2014 Brazil hosted the world with a ball called the Brazuca. This new ball has only six panels, and it’s decorated with an interlocking swooping pattern that’s completely unique.
Almost 50 years later the 2018 world cup to be hosted by Russia has unveiled the official football known as Telstar 18

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