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For the amelioration of the republic


The poll concluded with an astonishing triumph. The next president of Nigeria was a bloke who was no model citizen. He frequently declaimed bigotry, ferocity and was utterly condescending. He pledged to the voting public that if he was elected that he would build great roads, establish stable power, regulate currency, cease insurgency and engender vocations for the teeming redundant youths. The citizens ate it up like a favourite delicacy, not because they thought it was veracious, but because they were not scared to attempt.

Not long into his presidency, he couldn’t make good on any of his pledge. The misguided head of state turned his attention to exploring other opposing nations. ‘It is for the amelioration of the republic’ he assured, and the populace believed him.

Nigeria has fallen into a dejected plight. Her economy is a mishap, an outcome of egocentric and isolationist policies set forth by her leaders. The citizens are incessantly oppressed by an administration that has transfigured into despotism. Majority of the populace can’t afford to purchase nosh, as inflation has made most nosh items a luxury. Medicine is out of the question, as the infirmaries are allowed to do as they pleased.

While the rest of the country is slowly moribund, the cronies of this despotism dine on extravagant meals, drinking fine ale and held bacchanals.

The populace are irate, ravenous and exhausted from suffering while the government are ferocious and gluttonous.

A colossal horde is beginning to form exterior the Aso Rock and exterior the thoroughfares of Nigeria.. supplicating, yelling and chanting for an optimistic and incipient leadership. It is patently imminent, one day the revolution will commence.

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