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Foreign Movies Should Be Banned In Nigeria – Desmond Elliot

DesmondCOENigerian lawmaker, Desmond Elliot has said the Federal government should boycott the importation of outside films so that Nollywood can grow.

The Nollywood actor said failure to do so will only restrict the development of the local content in the country.

His words, “They need to consciously and intentionally focus on improving this industry. Treat it like you’re importing rice… You ban all foreign content, make it difficult for all foreign content to come in, so your local content can grow.

“And then, you need to support (financially) the music industry, you need to support the film industry… even the comic industry as well…”

A few Nigerian reacted as well.

Someone said, “He lost me at “ban all foreign content”.. Coca-Cola does not need to compete with Pepsi, there’s enough sun for everyone.. Work on your brand and grow and support it.”

Another movie fan asked, “If they ban Nigerian Contents in other countries too how will Nollywood Grow internationally?”

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