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Gay marriage cannot thrive in Nigeria – Charles Novia

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I have been reading interesting comments on social media about the new ‘anti-gay bill’ recently signed into law by President Jonathan. The supporters of the bill are in the majority while those opposed to it seem to have found their voices more AFTER it has been signed by the President.
The pro-gay voices are angry, hurt and stirring up a storm within Nigeria. Many of them are Nigerians who are either ‘enlightened’ about Gay Rights or are sympathetic to the Gay cause. Some are also Nigerians living in the diaspora who are in societies where the Gay Movement have virtually taken over the political and social structures of those places and being homo-receptive is mostly a way of life.

Nigeria has just joined 78 other countries in the world which have strong anti-gay laws. About 35 of such countries are in Africa alone, not surprisingly. Africa has a huge anti-homosexual belief and cultural structure which has been in place for thousands of years. The fabric of Africa’s cultural beliefs are intertwined with a pre-dominant heterosexual society. Africa has homosexuals, no doubt. Millions of them but they are in a clime where a majority opinion steeped in the rules and regulations of the ancestral laws of the continent are held sacrosanct. And so it should be, somewhat. A people, a nation, is defined by what binds them together in cultural and perhaps theological identities or affinities. Despite the outcry by the Western nations about Africa’s homophobia, many African countries are not willing to endorse same-sex marriages. The core of Africa’s existentialism is rooted in polygamy. Simple as that. Africans must have sex and sex the heterosexual way. Africans are more in touch with their Spiritual selves, be it Animism, Christianity, Islam, Paganism or whichever religion they choose to practice to enhance or evolve their Spirituality. For those beliefs, however decadent such may be viewed by the Western Societies, shape the core of its people.

Nigeria is part of Africa and the points I just highlighted are part of the Nigerian society. Nigeria , ironically, is one of the most receptive countries in the world when it comes to Western religions and Middle Eastern linear faith. We lap up everything spat on us through Western imperialism and accept such totally. But we have refused to accept the same-sex marriages. Nigeria is not ready for that, truth be told. Forget about what the Bible or Koran say right now. Nigeria is not and may never be ready for a Gay overhaul on its social and family structures.

A good question I should ask is this; in China, Russia, Saudi Arabia and some other hardline countries, being Gay is punishable by either death or imprisonment. In fact, President Putin calls the Gay Movement ‘ Western decadence and perversion’ and has spoken out firmly against it and like most of those countries, passed laws against it. But you don’t see the West taking a hardline stance against those countries which have called their bluff. What will America, Britain and the rest of Europe do to Saudi Arabia where homosexuality is punishable by death? Do they tell the Arabs to effectively stop being Muslims because of Gay Rights? Why are the Western Countries not imposing sanctions or orders on China and Russia for their anti-Gay stand? Why do they bully the African nations into accepting this new wave of ‘human rights’?

In Britain and America and indeed Europe, if any anti-Gay person or group speak out against the same-sex marriage, they are curiously labelled homophobic and accused of ‘hate speech’. Those countries have succeeded in instilling fear in the minds of those who oppose Gay marriages. So, majority of their citizens are scared of voicing their thoughts and just let it be. It is that same climate of fear which the West aspires to bestow on Africa concerning Gay rights and they are going about it the wrong way.

Western movies and television series have been beaming images of Gay lives and marriages to African homes and these things scare Africans a lot. What is being projected is unthinkable to Africans in the majority. The very idea that two men would marry and live together as husband and husband is not in good taste to many Africans. Likewise lesbians marrying themselves too in Africa. It cannot be accepted and the drastic laws are being passed to stop this incursion.

There are over six billion people in the world today. Gays are probably 15% of the World’s total population. Go figure that out. I have nothing against Gays. I believe in tolerance. But I do not in anyway support the notion that a Same-sex marital environment should thrive in Nigeria. There are safe havens for that in Western Societies. And in South Africa. But it is, at this point of Africa’s development, not acceptable in Nigeria. That is just the reality.

And my opinion is basically my opinion.


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