Gender Equality In Politics Is Key For Me — Femi Gbajabiamila

Femi GbajaHouse of Representatives speaker, Femi Gbajabiamila, has come out to say that as long as they are candidates with good ideas, funding and organisation, Nigerian women can get elected into public offices.

Femi said the 9th House has prioritised gender equality in its legislative agenda, and he plans to personally lead the cause of women in the lower chamber of the National Assembly, including spearheading constitutional amendments.

Gbajabiamila urged women to register, belong to political parties, participate fully for their voices to be recognised.

He added that he would ensure there was a special fund set aside for women to sponsor their political activities.

His words, “My participation in politics is a legacy of my mother and I owe my achievements in this arena to her.

Now, I am a father of daughters for whom I hold the highest ambitions.

At the end of my career in politics, it is my hope that I would have contributed constructively to the achievement of a society where my daughters and all our daughters can live up to their highest aspirations, freed from discrimination on the basis of their gender and protected from the worst consequences of our patriarchal society.”

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