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Going Solo: World’s Best Locations to Visit Alone

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Although some readers might find traveling solo quite a daunting experience, it is something that everybody has to try at some point.

Going on a journey alone always allows a lot more time for self-reflection and there is a good chance you will soak in much more of the local culture. Some people in romantic relationships even practice traveling apart from their partners to reinforce their unions and the bond between each other. So, the main advantage of going solo traveling is the ability to dive deeper in your feelings and, sometimes, to review life priorities with a totally clear mind.

That’s why the best ukrainian women dating website has put together a solid list of 8 destinations that are perfect for solo traveling – from bustling city streets to the calmest and most harmonious spots on the world map.

  1. Bhutan

Bhutan is often considered one of the most tranquil places on the planet. It is also home to the highest unclimbed mountain peak – Gangkhar Puensum. It is believed to be a sacred place and the local government has prohibited the mountaineering on its hills. Entry there can only be possible if going on a pre-booked tour and escorted by a personal guide.

Bhutan is the perfect destination to visit for a fresh portion of cultural experience. And by the “most tranquil” we actually meant no big roads, no electricity in some places and a small number of motor vehicles in the streets. Even the plastic bags have been outlawed in the country since 1999, making it the world’s purest place to enjoy the nature in an unpolluted form.

  1. Malaysia

No doubt, Malaysia is one of the best solo travel destinations in the entire Asia. With its reputation of a totally safe and stable country, Malaysia has all the signs of a perfect exotic location for solo tourists.

Malaysia is also one of the most technologically advanced Asian areas, so life there generally goes nice and well with everything on schedule, which is a traditional feature of all Muslim countries. The whole year is rich for colorful and worth-seeing traveling experiences including numerous festivals and fairs.

  1. Switzerland

Switzerland, the European country best known for its people minding their own business, is a win-win pick for a solo traveler. Gear yourself up with solid hiking boots and don’t forget to purchase Swiss Rail Pass – best option for such means of transport, like trains, trams and steamers. Consider starting with few days spent in stately, lordly Zurich and right after set sail to the shores of Lake Geneva for the fullest nightlife experience before departing to the Ticino region, populated mainly by Italian-speaking.

  1. Denmark

Visiting Denmark, which was recently included in top 10 world’s safest and happiest countries, is always a gulp of fresh air for solo tourists. Most locals speak English perfectly and are always there to help lost tourists navigate around. Some might even welcome you into their homes for a dinner! True history lovers will definitely find amusement in the ancient Viking ruins and a number of medieval castles, while active personalities can rent a bike and explore Denmark sticking to the bike routes that crisscross the entire country.

  1. Ireland

Ireland certainly has a thing or two to offer a solo traveler – it is safe, picturesque and populated by extremely friendly people – in a nutshell, a perfect place to get around. Still, the best thing about Ireland is its open-hearted people. The locals are ready to start a nice conversation with a foreigner right in the street or over a pint of Guinness at the pub, so you will never feel lonely even if touring alone.

  1. New Zealand

Solo travelers who are in love with all kinds of outdoor activities simply can’t miss New Zealand. This country is one of the planet’s most relaxing locations to visit. The crime rate there is low and even the smallest town has its own tourist info center with utterly friendly staff ready to help you find a suitable hotel or book some activities. In addition, make sure to check out some tours to New Zealand in case if you are the “Lord of the Rings” fan – you simply can’t overlook a large themed park, which actually contains full-size decorations from the movie.

  1. Japan

After a couple of days spent in the megalopolis of Tokyo, hop a train past Mount Fuji to feel the contrasting tranquility of this wonderful country. Many hotels there are designed with a special attention to the solo travelers. Go for a swim in one of the communal hot spring baths, rest your mind meditating in a Zen garden and finish your day dining at a fancy sushi restaurant a favorite place of every solo traveler.

  1. Netherlands

Speaking of Netherlands we imagine countless adult entertainment options, unique bike culture, and comfortable towns riddled with canals. The Dutch are widely known for their laid-back and accepting temper. Wander through the narrow streets of Amsterdam at least for two-three days, though you’d probably love to see other smaller towns and attractions like the tulip valley or the art capital of the country – Maastricht.

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