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Hate Speech Bill Is A Crazy Idea – Bishop David Oyedepo

bishop david oyedepo 640x431 1404222817.Bishop of the Living Faith Church Worldwide, David Oyedepo has come out to say that the controversial hate speech bill is a crazy piece of legislation.

Having his say at the opening ceremony of Shiloh, Bishop David disclosed that the bill is already dead.

According to him, he could not understand why Senator Sabi Abdullahi did not propose a death penalty for bandits and terrorists.

He then added that he loves Nigeria with passion and will always speak about things that are not going well in the country.

His words, “Hate speech is one of the craziest ideas. So if you’re wrong they shouldn’t say that you’re wrong? Who are you to hang somebody? The roads are bad and you say that is hate speech. Comman now!

“You can silence everybody but not a prophet. A prophet is answerable only to God. What God tells him to say, he says.

“Are we going forward or backward as a nation? Are the roads better now than before? So, why are you not talking?

“I don’t know if anybody loves this country more than I do. I love this nation with passion. I called for a prayer and fast for God’s intervention to keep this nation at peace in 1979. That was the first time I did that.

“Anyway, that ( the bill) is dead already. If the wicked will not stop his wickedness, God will stop the wickedness of the wicked.”

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