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I Am Done Giving Iceberg Slim Any Kind Of Attention – Juliet Ibrahim

Iceberg Slim and Juliet Ibrahim

Iceberg Slim and Juliet Ibrahim

Popular Ghollywood actress, Juliet Ibrahim has written an open letter to rapper, Iceberg Slim urging him to stop harassing her life.

Juliet recently revealed that the rapper had no business making songs about how he cheated on her while they were dating.

According to her, Iceberg Slim has even been sending her emails but it keeps going to the junk mail because she is completely done with him.

She added that this would be the last time she would write about the musician or give him any other type of attention.

Her words, “To all my loyal fans and friends, I am only addressing this now because I am fed up of the constant dragging of my name, it has to stop. Enough is enough. –

Iceberg Slim,
Our relationship ended 2 years ago as a result of your wayward opportunistic and unfaithful nature. Somehow, you still find ways to publicly get my attention through several means. I made it clear to you when I left you that I have no hard feelings against you and I wish you well as we both move on with our lives, yet even though I’ve blocked you from contacting me on various platforms, you still find ways to reach out or refer to me in posts on your social media pages.

Your emails still come through in my Junk mail and I have no idea why you would expect a response when I made it clear to you that I want nothing to do with you.

You are forgiven, please let me be after this public announcement and move on with your life just like I have.
Refrain from harrassing my life with your narcissistic need for validation.

Put a halt to all the Emails pleading for my presence to discuss the past and do seek a professional therapist to help you overcome the trauma you’re currently experiencing.

FYI, Singing cover songs about cheating and exes is NOT a form of therapy.

Goodluck in all your endeavours. This is the last time I will answer to any of your posts about me or senseless cover songs directed at me on your social media pages, shebi na cheat you cheat you no kill pesin? Can you now take a bow and exit the stage? This is all stale and I don’t need no more of your negativity and toxicity in, nor around my life now.

I choose not to be friends with you for my own sanity and personal reasons so please do refrain from contacting me.

Thank you.”

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