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I Can’t Leave My Husband Because of Cheating � Foluke Daramola

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Foluke Daramola-Salako has urged people to stop reporting cases of her husband cheating to her. This came after a friend reported that her husband was seen in public with another woman recently.

Speaking with Tribune, the actress says she can’t leave her husband over cheating allegations

�I want people to mind their business concerning my marriage. It’s overflogged already, everything about me is my marriage, my marriage, marriage!,” she said

The pressure that Nigerians put on all celebrities and our marriages is not making the relationship healthy. Even if they see my husband with a woman, does it mean he has anything to do with that woman? .

And even if anything should go wrong at the end of the day, if someone tells me about it, what does the person want me to do? Does the person want me to say I’m not interested anymore?

I’ve always said that the only thing that can take me away from my home is physical and emotional abuse. Infidelity can never take me away from my home because I know how to handle it. I always tell him that he can never find anybody like me. I know my man, I know myself and I know what obtains in my home, so what’s the fuss about?
My husband is a public commentator, and even featured in my last film, nobody even talks about all these aspects of him, it’s just my marriage, it should have been over flogged by now. . I have found that a lot of Nigerians are sadists and just want to bring people to that place of sadness that they are, unfortunately, no one will bring me to that place of sadness because my marriage is intact.

I’m happy with my life, it doesn’t mean we don’t have our challenges because we are human beings, but if I have any challenges with my husband, it will never be on the pages of newspapers or social media. No matter what happens, it cannot degenerate to me leaving my husband because he is not a wife beater or an abuser, but as for infidelity, I can handle it very well”

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