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I Consider Trump A Great President – Wale Jana

Donald TrumpPopular businessman, Wale Jana has come out to say that ex-US President, Donald Trump would’ve handled the current Afghanistan better than Biden.

He recently revealed this via his social media page, and Nigerians have been reacting.

According to him, he still struggles to understand why people hate Trump because he actually considers him one of the best presidents America has ever had.

He added that time has proven that Trump was not as bad as people painted him and he is indeed a great man.

His words, “I will not stop saying it and I won’t let all of you rest. What exactly was wrong with Trump? The Africans will say “he made immigration difficult, he wanted to chase us out of America” imagine a million Afghans rushing to Nigeria how would you feel? Yet that’s exactly what happens in the US! 1 million immigrants come in every year!”

“If what is happening in Afghanistan had happened under Trump they would have impeached him again! Please don’t give me that bull story about Trump starting the withdrawal process and Biden had no choice than to continue with it. I am attaching FACTS to this post so swipe to read.”

“Trump may be one of the greatest presidents the US has ever had and time is proving him right. In all of these I have learnt NEVER follow the crowd, live your convictions. Hate him or love him, Trump is a great man and things would never have gotten this messy under him. He held China, Russia and all terrorists by their balls, everyone behaved themselves! Now the US left Afghanistan with billions of dollars worth of sophisticated weapons! You don’t even know what that means! May God help us all.”

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