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I don’t have issues with Tonto Dikeh but… – Dencia reveals


The singer who was in Nigeria recently to promote her new video African Energy told Punch Saturday Beats
“I don’t have issues with Tonto Dikeh, I just don’t like it when someone feels because she is bigger than another person, she can trample down on them. Pearl is my protégé and my sister and I felt that she was being cheated, so I spoke on her behalf. I hate it when someone who feels she is big in the society cheats another person who seems smaller in class”

On the source of her wealth, she says
“I made most of my money from the sale of my beauty cream, Whitenicious. I make a lot of money from that and it has been able to sustain me. I don’t do drugs even though I have friends who indulge in it. I neither drink nor smoke too”, she said.

She also addressed the issue of her beauty cream being discredited by Oscar award winner, Luputa Nyongo. Dencia said,
“I don’t have issues with Lupita. I never knew who she was until she spoke about me. There were a lot of politics in the background that a lot of people would not understand and I don’t want to go into it. But it is wrong to talk badly about somebody’s brand. If it happens, it means that there is somebody in the background paying you to do so. That is how it happens in LA and everywhere around the world. When I woke up that morning and read what she said, I was shocked because I did not know who she was. I asked my sister to find out who she was and my sister searched for her on Google. That was when I knew who she was. When I realised who she was, I leveraged on what she said and used her for publicity instead. Few days after, she discredited my brand when she had an endorsement with a skincare company. How would you discredit me and the next day you are endorsed by a company that sells a similar product like I do? It is not rocket science”

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