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I Don’t Regret Ending My Marriage With Prince Eke – Muma Gee

Muma Gee and Prince Eke

Muma Gee and Prince Eke

Popular singer, Muma Gee has come out to speak about her failed marriage to Prince Eke.

She recently had her say in an interview with The Sun and Nigerians have been reacting.

According to her, her husband simply work up one morning and decided to walk out of their marriage by spreading lies of her cheating all over the media.

She added that such a move was callous and unforgivable and she has no regrets whatsoever because their split was no fault of hers.

Her words, “Yeah, I did actually, but I am a deep person and as such, I have a deep understanding of my responsibility as a woman. I believe that one of the duties I have to fulfill here on earth is motherhood, and that includes getting married and building a family with a partner. In fact, where I come from, we do not believe in divorce or separation. Coupled with my Christian background, it was a huge disgrace that my marriage failed; but God in heaven knows I did my best and the fault wasn’t from me.

If you have two partners and one wasn’t ready to settle down; and per adventure, you get involved and are willing to sacrifice everything to make sure the family works, but this partner just picks his bag and says, ‘I am done with this stage of my life, I am going kids or no kids!’ I was so shocked I called it the 8th wonder of the world.

I never dreamed or imagined a situation where I, who has been so committed, was being treated so shabbily. And the most devastating part of it was to have built a career for years which I put on hold just to kick-start something, and this person wakes up one day and says look ‘I can’t go on with this’. Then I got the shocker of my life when I read in the news that I was frolicking with different men. That was the ultimate bullshit! Tony, you are an attractive man, and you knew me when I was younger, and per adventure you could have made a pass at me if I was such a person or I could have made a pass at you. I have always been a reserved person. I may look crazy and wild on the outside, but for a man to come up with such lies is outrageous!

I have never drunk alcohol nor prostituted since I was born, and even as a single woman, I never messed around with men. I have always been a focused person, and then suddenly someone is saying all these lies against me? It was a campaign of calumny. He did not just say that, he went online and posted it just to dent the image I had built over the years. It was crazy! But trust me, as a woman who understands how God functions and the spiritual gifts God has bestowed upon me, I have the understanding that whatever happens to me is not by accident, and trust me, I have no regrets whatsoever. Why? I have these three lovely children. When you see them, you will know that the grace of God is truly upon my life. I give God the glory and I maintain a cordial relationship with their dad. When you see my ex and I (hanging) out for dinner or something, you would think he is my boyfriend. However, I have closed that chapter of being that close to him. No, we can never be (that close) again.”

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