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I have enough songs for an album – Mochedda


The singer recently had an interview with Bella Naija. Here are some excerpts from the interview.

What have you been up to?
I missed you guys too! I’ve been on a break, although I have been working behind the scenes recording and creating new material. I also had time to travel a lot, spend quality time with family and friends. My schedule before did not allow all these � it was road to plane, show to shoot, school back and forth etc.‎

Destinambari is a track that people love, and it’s about love. What inspired the song?
I’m grateful for that, I love it too. Like you said, the song is about love. It is inspired by love. I love to love, and that was the state of mind while recording.

How was it like collaborating with Phyno?
It was amazing. It was easy and it was fun, Phyno has great talent and is good in his art.

Are there any other singles or videos in the works? When should we expect them?

Yes, yes! I can’t wait to share, but one at a time. I’m back now, you won’t have to wait too long.

Should we be expecting an album anytime soon?
I have enough songs for an album, but I think I’ll just release singles for now.

Destinambari is a sweet love song � was it inspired by anyone in your life?
Hmmm, maybe…

You uploaded a picture of you with a ring on your finger that had�people talking. Should we expect any good news soon? *wink*
Lol, it was a normal ring, it didn’t look like that type of ring. I was wondering why people were talking. But good news,�errrrr, wait for it.

You were in South Africa for a while. Is there any artiste you would like to�collabo with?
Yes I was in South Africa and I want to work with�AKA.

How do you think the industry has changed since you’ve been gone�and where do you see the future of Nigerian music/females in the�industry?
The industry has grown and gotten better. Nigerian music is being exported now, it’s great! I see the ladies doing their thing, they are going strong, sooner than later they will be peers with the guys in terms of achievement, better still � supercede.

Download Destinambari here

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