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I Have Nothing To Say On Boko Haram Threatening Me – Dr. Isa Pantami

Isa Ali Pantami

Isa Ali Pantami

The Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, Dr. Isa Ibrahim Pantami has said that he does not have anything to say on the recent threat issued against him by the Boko Haram Insurgence last weekend.

He disclosed this as he answered questions from newsmen today when he began a General Mentorship Class for Secondary School, focused on raising possible job providers.

According to him, students must be futuristic in their choice of career and they should strive to be job creators, not job seekers.

He added that the General Mentorship Class was launched to go round Nigeria to encourage young citizens to take advantage of emerging technologies by developing digital skills that will help them to be possible job providers after graduation.

His words, “Emerging economy is coming with disruptive revolution that is completely changing the world. With this, we need to be proactive, encourage our younger ones. Most especially, those in secondary school.

“That is what digital economy is all about, it is not about certificate because majority of those doing well in that field studied ICT related courses in the universities but they came up with critical thinking that the whole world is proud of like Amazon.

“That is why I have decided to visit the schools as part of mentorship, to change their thinking from being job seekers to job providers.”

“What I discovered is that many of our children in secondary schools do not get the right mentorship they required, guidance and counseling to determine their career in future. Usually, they only choose course based on they are interest in the name.

“When they are interest, they just apply. I think we need to be visiting their schools, providing them with mentorship, guiding them on how to prepare and choose relevant disciplines that will be relevant in the future. The whole world is being dominated by the digital economy, replacing the traditional economy.

“The job opportunities we have in this country are really worrisome, if you look at the number of graduate that are churned out every year, it is really worrisome. Admission difficult, students struggling on campus to eat two square meals. When they graduate, they will not get job, when they get the job, the salary will not take them home.

“We need to be more interested in producing potentials job employers. With digital skills, you can come up with applications that can provide 50, 70 jobs no single institution can create in Nigeria. Hence, my visit to convey the message to them so that can share with others.”

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