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I Might Go Back To My Ex Husband – Mercy Aigbe

mercy aigbe 1Nollywood actress, Mercy Aigbe has shared in a recent interview that she might go back to her ex husband, Lanre Gentry.

Speaking to Seye Kehinde’s City People Magazine, she disclosed why she does not plan to get married to another man.

Asked about what determines her fashion style, she said, “I am humbled when I am referred to as one of the most stylish actresses in the movie industry. I have always loved fashion. I love to look good all the time. I like to get compliment from people. Call me attention seeker, I don’t mind. I just like when people tell me oh you are looking amazing. You are looking good. And for me, Fashion is what you use your money to purchase. And Style is what you do with what you purchased. Style is different, every individual has its own style. My style is comfortable, though not all the time, if I tell you, most of those shoes you see me wear are comfortable for me, then am lying. At times fashion is pain, at times you wear heels that is painful, at times you wear clothes that are very tight and uncomfortable, those are the price I have to pay for my looking good, and I don’t really feel the pain anymore, most times, when I get all the positive complement. At times, I also go for comfort, cheek and very urban. It all depends on my mood and the event am attenting and that is it.”

On mixing Nollywood with motherhood, her words, “Honestly it has not been easy. It has been challenging, and overwhelming because acting takes a lot of time. At the same time, as a Fashion Entrepreneur, I have need a lot of time to operate the business. So at a point it gets so tiring, but I have been able to plan my schedule in a way that, I have certain time, I dedicate to my business, my acting career, and certain time I give to my children because I am also a mother, I have to play a prominent role in my children’s lives, especially now that am a single mother, I need to play that double roles in their lives, check on their homework. My daughter is in school, I also need to check on her, everynow and then. God also bless me with wonderful team, I have very hardworking and dedicated staff in Mag Divas, they are very competent, I equally have very reliable domestic staff that works for me, so with all these workers, they make the work very easy for me.”

On getting married again, she revealed, “Honestly, I have no such plans. I am not fully divorced, and I don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow. Never say never. I have put everything in God’s hands. If God says I will go back to my husband, it is fine. If God says am okay like this, then it’s fine too. Let God take absolute control of everything but there’s no plan of ever settling with someone else. Lots of the younger actresses always say, they can’t talk about their success story, in terms of business without mentioning your name.”

On the source of her beauty, she said, “Ah! Ah. I watch what I eat, I eat healthy, drink a lot of water, stay out of trouble as much as I can and I worry less, any problem I cannot solve, I take it to God almighty and that has really help me to stay happy and beautiful. It is fine. I like it. It makes me laugh. At times, when I read some comments, I roll on the floor and laugh it out. It actually makes social media fun, am sure if there were no negative comments like that, social medial will be boring, the negative comments makes it all fun, but anybody that I don’t like or gets to me, I delete and block such person. If the comment is not too bad, I only delete and don’t block such person.”

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