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“I rejected Pope Francis marriage proposal” – Childhood love

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76-year-old Amelia Damonte, the childhood love of new Pope Francis discloses how young Bergoglio took on� church affairs to become a priest after ….

She stated how she got beaten by her father for receiving a love letter from Jorge Mario Bergoglio at 12 years old, and how he had said to her-� “if I can’t marry you, I will become a priest”.

Although, Amalia and Bergoglio were neighbours in Bueno Aires, her parents were strictly against her union with him. She continued:

“He had drawn for me a house which had a red roof and said that it was the house he was going to buy for me when we were married.
“I never saw him after that – my parents kept me away from him and did everything possible to separate us”

Pointing to the Pope’s initial conditional intent of becoming a priest, his younger sister Maria Elena revealed that Bergoglio admitted to her that he never wanted to become Pope.

She said:

“He didn’t want to be Pope and when we chatted privately about it we joked at the prospect and he would say, ‘No, please no’.

I didn’t want him to become Pope because he’s going to be very far away and second because it is such a large responsibility. But I am also totally proud that he is the new Pope – because he’s the first from outside Europe, because he’s Latin American, he’s Argentine and he”s my brother.

Well, madam he is now the pope o, why bring it up now#straight face#

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