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I Spoke Up Against R.Kelly For His Victims – John Legend

JohnLegendJohn Legend has said the reason he spoke up against R.Kelly was to be the voice of his powerless victims.

He also stated that he never plays Kelly’s music.

His words, “I think a lot of people have asked in the last few years, like, ‘When is the #MeToo movement going to come to the music industry? I think what a lot of people are thinking is ‘God that’s so ubiquitous in the music industry, where would you even start?’”

“I mean I think clearly we’re having this conversation about R.Kelly, there’s another article this week in The New York Times about another musician and so I think there’s a conversation being had. I just think music is probably a bit more decentralised.”

“That’s really why I spoke up,” “I have friends who are activists that were speaking up for those victims and a lot of people were ignoring them.

The guy who wrote about it in Chicago was saying, ‘I learned as a white guy writing…I learned that black women are the least valued women in society because when I was writing about this no one cared, no one paid attention.’ So these victims didn’t have the power, didn’t have the standing to get attention paid to what happened to them. And so it was good that this documentary paid proper attention to them.”


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