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I Train 6 Hours Per Day, 6 Days In A Week – Tobi Amusan

Tobi Amusan
Tobi Amusan
World 100m hurdles champion and record holder, Tobi Amusan has come out to share the secrets behind her successful outing on the track last year.

She recently had her say while speaking to the press, and fans have been reacting.

According to her, training hard and preparing herself mentally before any race helps her stay focused at all times, and this is why she rarely gets distracted while she goes about her business.

Tobi added that she puts her body through six hours of training every day for six days a week.

Her words, “We put our bodies through six hours of training every day for six days a week. And you can be the fittest person in a race and mentally you just get distracted by the other runners on the tracks. A few moments of that ruin everything. And with my kind of event, you need 100 percent focus.”

“So, the mental part is just as important, if not more, because you have done the work by training hard and now you show up at the track. Sometimes, it’s not about who is the toughest. I have been in every championship finals and it’s not about the toughest, but who wants it and can relax and execute in most of the race scenarios.”

“Most times when I train, I do my little talking in my head to prepare myself mentally. What I do in training is what I do on the tracks. So, when you see me out there, I am not crazy, I do this every day, especially when I have lots of hurdle practices.”

“I say to myself, ‘you are the best, you have to do it.’ That self-affirmation, like talking in your head, kind of gets you going, but the time you get on the track, I know what to say to calm myself down and not put myself under unnecessary pressure. It’s really important to be mentally tough.”

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