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Ibori & The applauding hypocrites!

James Ibori

By Nimi Princewill

In the coming year, there will be a lot more roadside thieves and ‘phone snatchers’, hence more jungle justice in 2017! There will also be more treasury looters, accompanied by more ‘prosecution’ and ‘persecution’ (it depends on how you see it) of ex-treasury looters by the current treasury looters, and expectedly, an increase in the number of cynical and extremely gullible people to cheer the names of these ‘vindicated’ or convicted & discharged prominent ex or current treasury looters!

Celebrating corporate political thieves have courageously become a non-optional social convention in our awkward Nigerian society.

The adventures of James Ibori, is one amazing story that gets better every single time you hear it! Perhaps you’d be interested in joining me snoop a little at his profile (which is not a very clean one, so you’re in for a treat).

Everyone is quite enlightened of the fact that James Ibori, a former two-term Delta State Governor, had and still has a paper trail of corruption charges leveled against him. But according to his Wikipedia page, Ibori was interestingly first arrested and fined alongside Theresa (his wife at that time) for theft at a London store which he served as a Cashier in 1990. He was also convicted and fined in 1991 (a totally different crime) for handling a stolen credit card. Guess that’s quite some glowing credential. According to the same Wikipedia source, to mask his previous convictions in the UK, he obtained a false birth certificate and passport which astonishingly dated a month older than his elder sister’s birth date. This questions the quality of persons our political parties foist on us as candidates and eventual leaders. He became Governor on false pretense for a whooping two term. Followed by several corruption scandals which he continuously denied before finally pleading guilty to money laundry charges and his subsequent conviction.

It’s no longer news that Ibori has been released, and a high-powered delegation led by the Delta State House of Assembly Speaker, a Senator from Delta state amongst others, embarrassingly visited London to receive him at his residence. While his chunk of supporters back home on daily basis, shamelessly congratulate their ‘Niger-Delta illustrious son’ who has completed a part of his jail term for stealing from them. Ironically funny!

The same Nigerian people who will heartlessly lynch a poor thief and set him ablaze by the roadside for snatching a purse, celebrate rogue politicians who have massively enriched themselves but impoverished the people.

Are Nigerians truly that gullible?
Was Donald Trump really correct about the average Black man’s mental inferiority?

We phrase our ideas in certain ridiculous and astonishing ways. James Ibori in the UK right now, is probably sharing the triumph with his favorite football team, while in preparation for a grand reception designed for him in the foreseeable future when he decides to return home. Who knows.. He could also be reintegrated into the Delta state political hierarchy upon return. When will Nigerians ever be wise? Your guess is surely as good as mine!

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