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Igbos In Nigeria Must Learn To Respect Authority – Seyi Law

Seyi Law and his family

Seyi Law and his family

Popular comedian, Seyi Law has come out to react to ex BBNaija star, Pere Egbi saying there is clear hatred shown towards against Igbo people in Nigeria.

He recently had his say via his social media page, and fans have been reacting.

According to him, the reality is that some Igbos also propagate hate and don’t have respect for hierarchy or authority, which is leading to them being targeted.

Seyi added that he hopes citizens will be discerning enough not to push a narrative of war because of anger.

His words, “Pere, I hope we will be discerning enough and wise not to push a narrative of war because of anger. I know that many have called me a tribal bigot for supporting Tinubu, omo ale for not supporting GRV and many more for their own reasons. I have dared them several times to prove all these, but they have failed, and I have concluded that some Nigerians always project their beliefs on others for self-satisfaction.

“While some of your statements might not be entirely wrong, I ask you, in all honesty, that if you have researched and probed deeper, why do some people make such statements? People will come come for me definitely, and this is one of the mistakes they keep making. Instead of critically analysing a situation, they believe their angers will change a situation that calls for dialogue.

“What are some of the reasons for this notion you expressed? I have asked questions about this several times, and I have also witnessed some of the answers to the notion. While this is painful to discuss, we must come to the table someday.

“Firstly, it is the average Igbo man’s individualistic nature. Many people of the other tribes have had dealings with some Igbos that have resulted in bad businesses and cheating. Does this justify the notion for some, yes, and to others, maybe. Politics involves the collective and an individualistic mindset can not drive it to success.

“Secondly, some Igbos don’t have respect for hierarchy or authority, even amongst themselves. They believe that my money places me on equal pedestal with elders as long as I am not begging them for anything. This has always put them in conflict with the culture of other tribes.

“Thirdly, some igbos express HATE and a sense of superiority over other tribes without decorum. While many may be quiet about expressing that anger about this, they wait for politics to wield their power. The continuous belief that we do it better and denigrating others from other tribes doing it with never make the Igbos attractive in politics.

“Political antecedents have also contributed to this notion, you stated. From Azikiwe to Aguyi Ironsi, bad political moves have put a lot of resentment in the wheels of the Igbos political aspirations. Dr. Soludo has stated that the mob actions of Peter Obi’s supporters will set Igbos back politically, and this was collaborated by Dr. Nnamani, but instead of heeding a wise counsel, these men were incinerated.

“There are many more to talk about, but I will stop here to receive my whips. While constantly maintained that we must, as a matter of urgency, have a national peace conference to discuss critical issues and resolutions on the Biafra war, national cohesion, political integration, and more, the Igbos must also play their part to foster unity. However, this justified your anger. Sometimes, we must learn to sit back, reason deeply, and ask the why?. Thanks.”

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