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I’ll Keep Fighting The Urge To Quit Formula One – Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton
Popular Formula One car racer, Lewis Hamilton has come out to admit that he struggles to keep up with the sport sometimes.

He recently had his say via his Instagram page, and fans have been reacting.

According to him, even if he has thought about quitting the sport sometimes, he can reassure fans that he plans to keep on fighting.

Lewis added that he knows the supporters are with him at all times, and their support will push him all the way.

His words, “Some days I feel like stopping. When I start to feel this way I dig deep and remember I’m on a mission.”

“Whether you realise it or not, you’re on a mission too. We’re all chasing something.”

“Some dream or goal that will make us better people, make our lives more fulfilling, and make us proud of ourselves.”

“Some days it’ll feel impossible to get there, but it’s not. We can get it. We will get it.”

“I know you’re with me, I feel the love and support and just know I’m sending it back to you tenfold. We got this.”

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