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I’m Not Protecting Implicated Soldiers In Wadume’s case – Malami

Abubakar Malami

Abubakar Malami

The Attorney-General and Minister of Justice, Mr. Abubakar Malami has come out to refute reports that he is protecting the implicated soldiers who are accused of killing of police officers on duty by a kidnap kingpin, Bala Hamisu.

Malami revealed this via a recent statement to address the current allegation.

According to him, that is not the case and the government is simply giving time to allow the established processes to be consummated.

He added that the military is not shielded and they are not above prosecution.

His words, “Now, coming to the issue of the soldiers, it is important for you to note that within the context of the Nigerian law, there are certain provisions that are exclusive to the military within the context of law on court martial and then, the internal discipline associated with the military.

“The soldiers can now be charged before court martial, and then for the military to release their personnel for prosecution, ordinarily, there are in-house processes and procedures that are to be consummated.

“So those that are handy for the purpose of prosecution cannot be held in custody for unduly longer period of time on the account of the absence of the military.

“So that is how the idea of severing the charge to allow those that are handy to stand their trail arose.

“That does not mean that by any means that the military are shielded and cannot be prosecuted.

“But if they have to be prosecuted, they have to be prosecuted within the context of the law. What is the law here? They are military personnel, first they are to go through the in-house processes.

“There are two options, either to charge them before the court martial which is a special court established by law for the trial of soldiers or in the alternative for the military after consummation of the in-house processes should consider handing them over for trial.”

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