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I’m sorry for hurting you – Actor Ik Ogbonna begs boo Juliet Ibrahim via Youtube | Photos & Video

Ik Ogbonna and Juliet Ibrahim

So I guess the cat is out of the bag, actor Ik Ogbonna and Juliet Ibrahim were dating, things went sour some weeks ago.
Check out this video Ik posted on Youtube some 59 minutes ago. And in it he captured the precious moments he’s ever shared with Juliet while begging her to forgive him. He didn’t say what his crime was, though. Juliet Ibrahim is divorced from her Ghanaian husband.

Ik’s words:

When u realize u are only human … And ur mistakes shouldn’t define u but build u. I am sorry is not just a word .. It’s a realization that brings alive a new creation if it’s meant.

Ik Ogbonna message to Juliet Ibrahim

Ik Ogbonna & Juliet Ibrahim

Ik Ogbonna with Juliet Ibrahim

Ik Ogbonna and Juliet Ibrahim NaijaVibe

Ik Ogbonna to Juliet Ibrahim



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