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‘I’m team Taylor’-Wendy Williams supports Taylor Swift after Kim Kardashian leaked recording


Wendy Williams has shown support for Taylor Swift and insists that Taylor should let this rest and not take legal action against Kim and Kanye West for leaking the tape. Speaking on her Tuesday show, Wendy insisted that the leak wasn’t ‘character assassination’ like Taylor claimed.

�Because now she’s not looking like the sweetest apple pie girl that some of you all fall for. I thought she was a mean girl, maybe a year ago, when she first came out I was like ‘Oh wow, ok I like her and I like her music. But all this time and the mean mess, she’s a secret mean girl. To me, this fits in her wheelhouse of meandom,”

�I’m Team Taylor with this. You know why? I’m team Taylor because how dare you record a conversation?”I just wish that Taylor would leave it alone because she’s making it more of a story than it needs to be,” �So you were recorded? Now you know don’t ever talk to these people ever again.”
She continued: �Leave it alone! It’s not tarnishing her image. She was already perceived by some of us as a mean girl anyway. ‘Meandom’ continues.”

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